My March Madness

**DISCLAIMER** Ok, I know this is going to be a record for one of the shortest blog posts ever, but hopefully the topic of this post explains why…

March Madness is typically referred to college basketball and the NCAA.

But not for me.

See, my “March Madness” consists of midterms, group projects (LOTS OF GROUP PROJECTS), papers, oh and getting sick.

Like I said, MADNESS! That is all…



Hello Monday: Little Things

Hello Monday. Today I thought I’d give you a break. Usually I would be expressing to you how much I hate you for creeping up on me so fast, (especially with the recent time change and loss of an hour) but not today! Instead I thought I’d use you to reflect on the little things from this past weekend that made me smile :]


Hello Altamont Pass, so nice of you to be green and sunny for my drive to Livermore :]


Hello nail polish, thank you for the pretty fresh coat on my nails :]


Hello 4 pics 1 word. You are my new addiction and a good brain exercise :]


Hello wine, not only do I like your name, but you are also simply delicious :]


Hello pizza, thank you for a much needed girls night :]


I know these things may not seem all that cool, but for me they were the little things that brought a smile to my face :]

What are some of the “little things” that make YOU smile?