Ellen in Pictures!

So as you all probably know by now I had the opportunity to go to the Ellen DeGeneres show!! And as it turned out, I ended up experiencing the chance of a lifetime with VIP access! My cousin’s friend apparently works as the “Audience Coordinator” and was asked by my cousin to get us VIP access!
What exactly is VIP access you ask? Well, not only did we get FABULOUS seating (we were directly behind the isle which she dances down during her show) but we also got to go down to the set after the show was over and get our picture taken! 
This was by far one of the best moments I’ve experienced so far and I’m so grateful for getting this AMAZING opportunity! But enough of me blabbing, I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking! Enjoy 🙂

# 8

So I don’t know if you guys remember, or even got a chance to read my bucket list, but #8 on my list is to go to the Ellen DeGeneres Show…and let me just say after TWO YEARS of applying for tickets, it finally happened…I GOT A CALL BACK!! 

Yep that’s right, my persistence finally paid off and I will be road tripping it to LA  in exactly ONE WEEK FROM TODAY to go to the show! Not only am I ecstatic to finally have the chance to go, but also because I am going to her opening week of her new season (season 10). Just this past week I got a packet in the mail regarding all of the important information I need to know before going…ahhhh it’s really happening!

The official letter!!

I was able to request 4 tickets when I applied, and 4 is exactly what I got. With that, I decided to take my mom and dad (being that my parents are Ellen fans as well), along with my boyfriend Donovan (who I think is more excited about what prizes Ellen will be giving away that day). Regardless, I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to share this experience with me!

It’s going to be so hard to focus on school next week, being that I can barely focus now! But I am going to do my best to stay on top of things and hold my excitement in at least until the day I leave!

Thanks for reading, until next time… :]