London 2012!

Well folks it’s officially here…the 2012 Summer Olympics is in full swing!

Can I just say I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!!! In fact, I consider myself an Olympics junkie! At whatever chance I get to sit my butt down and watch the Olympics, I take full advantage of! There’s not really an event I don’t like watching…okay maybe basketball, but only because I feel like I can watch that anytime (not to mention I’m SO SICK of the whole Kobe Bryant and Lebron James comparison, that I’m ill just thinking of it)

Anyways, you get the point – I am obsessed with the Olympics.

But even more so with the events of swimming and gymnastics! Men’s or women’s these two events are hands down my absolute favorite to watch!  

First I’ll start with swimming. Does the name Michael Phelps ring a bell?! If not where were you during Beijing 2008?? “Amazing athlete” is an understatement for him. He is celebrated as the Greatest Olympian Ever. (Not to mention what girl doesn’t like watching guys like Phelps who have perfect six-packs swim around all day?!) 

Or what about Dana Vollmer? Everybody loves a good underdog story. Vollmer didn’t qualify for the Olympic Games in Beijing but yet the second day in of this season’s Olympics, she smoked the competition and set the world record for the women’s 100-meter butterfly. (Who does that?? Absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!)

Now for my ultimate Olympic obsession – GYMNASTICS…talk about gravity defying moves! I am always stunned by all the twists, turns, and flips these athletes can do!  

First and foremost I love all of the Fab Five ladies on this year’s Olympic roster…but c’mon the upset of Jordyn Wieber not qualifying for the all-around event almost brought ME to tears and I was just watching from home! I can’t even begin to imagine having the feeling of “failure” in front of the whole world. (Please note the quotations because I dont think the word failure should even exist with such athleticism) Regardless of not qualifying for “all-around” I still stick by Wieber and the rest of the 4 ladies, and plan to cheer them on in the final!

Now that I’ve completely bored some of you with this lengthy post, all I have left to say is…

GO TEAM USA!! 19 medals and counting…


So I had a brainstorm.

Bare with me as I explain it to you, as I haven’t yet worked through all of the details, but if you’re a student here at Stanislaus, I think you might agree that this brainstorm of mine is a fabulous idea…

Okay, so being that you have to buy a parking permit if you wish to park in one of the parking lots here on campus…I was thinking that every parking permit should be assigned to its own individual spot. (Especially for the amount of $$ you pay to park here for a semester)

Let me explain, if you buy a parking permit, it would have a specific number assigned to it and whatever number you are assigned is your parking spot for the entire semester. Each parking permit number will be written in the appropriate parking spot. For example, if your parking permit number is “1111” then you look for the parking spot with the numbers “1111”.

To prevent driving around in every parking lot to find your specific number, each lot will be labeled with directories that state which numbers exist in each parking lot, such as “1111-3333”. That way students can easily find their assigned spot without having to “fight” for a space or even take the chance of being late to a class due to parking issues.

Not only would the students feel as if the whopping $164 they pay for a permit every semester is worth it now, but also the campus police could technically get away with double the fines; one for not having a permit, and one if the permit # doesn’t match the spot #. BAM! There you have it folks, the school still makes their money and students are a little bit more pleased…

I know, I know, great idea right?…your welcome. ;]

Now What…?

So last week I went on my annual summer camping trip with my boyfriend and his family to New Brighton State Beach. It was beautiful as always, but of course not long enough! I honestly think I could live there! And when I say camping, I mean the real thing…not in a RV with full hookups, but in a tent, on the ground, with the LUXURY of an air mattress 🙂

This year marked my 7th year going! I can’ t believe it’s been that long already…

Any who, I must admit I’m a little depressed now, I mean now what?! I don’t have anymore official summer trips planed and school starts back up in a little less than a month now! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve got to do thus far, but it FLEWWWW by! I still have yet to go floating or even made a trip to the lake! Hopefully I can accomplish these and a few more items on my summer to do list before school is officially here!

Well, enough about worrying how much time I have left, check back in a few days or so to check out some New Brighton pics I’ll be posting!

Thanks for reading 🙂

A Day In The City

So this past weekend Dono and I were invited by his sister and her husband (Lakynn and Nick) to come visit them in Alameda where they live. As we went up with Donovan’s cousin (Trent) and his girlfriend (Shelby), the six of us all decided to head into the city for the day…and by ferry!Here’s some pictures I took to share with you guys!

About to board the ferry from Alameda to SF!

Nick and Lakynn on the ferry ride into the city

Trent and Shelby on the ferry

Dono and I on the ferry to the city

It was a beautiful day!

While waiting for our table at Bubba Gump’s, Lakynn and I explored the gift shop and found this little guy

Hands down the BEST margarita I’ve ever had! (and I got to keep the shaker!)

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So as most of you already know, you can pretty much LIKE anything on Facebook now’adays.

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