Because I’m not technically a Senior until next semester (even though I’ve been in college since August of 2007, but hey who’s counting?!) I’m pretty sure I have an early case of Senioritis which I’m referring to as Junioritis!

Don’t get me wrong my grades are good and I’m passing all of my classes, but man have my motivation levels dropped! I have 2 theories for this sudden illness:

1.    My brother is in the Army and is home on leave for a month before he has to move to Germany – and all I want to do is be at home hanging out with him! I mean who needs school or work when you haven’t seen your brother since you were a SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL?! (And a month just isn’t enough time to catch up after all these years)

2.    All of my friends just graduated or are graduating this semester and I still have a YEAR to go…cool, I still have a year of added stress consisting of exams, homework, papers, grades, etc. while they don’t have to worry about any of that, let alone never have to purchase a scantron ever again! They get to start their careers and make real money instead.

I know it sounds like I’m complaining (which I probably am) but hey, I cant help it, it’s an illness! They should really have some antibiotic for this…

6 thoughts on “Junioritis?

  1. I graduated a semester EARLIER than all my friends…and had to go find a job and start worrying about bills and responsibilities while they were all still hanging out on campus having fun! If you think college is stressful, wait until you start “real life.”

    Don’t be in such a rush. College is some of the best years you’ll ever have, in a lot of ways. You’ll never get to back and be a college student again, and the rest of your life lasts…well, the rest of your life. 🙂

  2. I definitely agree with Alyssa, why do you think I went to grad school? 🙂 While it is tempting to rush through it, savor your undergrad years, it’s so much fun and really shows you what you’re made of! Then, take some time to scratch off a few numbers from your bucket list and come back for grad school, maybe!

  3. I agree with them, too! All my friends are still at school going to parties and getting 75-cent drinks on Thursday nights and watching college sports, and my life consists of working 8-5, cooking, watching ESPN and sleeping lol. There are good things about both college and post-grad life, but enjoy college while you can! 🙂

  4. Thanks for all the encouragement you guys! I do love being in school, I guess I just thought I’ve been in too long already…but I’m realizing that everyone is going at their own pace. Thanks again! :]

  5. Obrigado por todo o incentivo que vocês! Eu amo estar na escola, eu acho que eu apenas pensei que eu estive em muito tempo já … mas estou percebendo que todos estão indo ao seu próprio ritmo. Obrigado mais uma vez! :]

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