10 Reasons

So as a religious Ellen-DeGeneres-Show-Fan (and by religious I mean I tape it daily so I can enjoy it as soon as I get home from work and school) I thought I would give you guys 10 GOOD reasons why you should start watching her show!

  1. She’s absolutely hilarious (the stuff she says and how she says it will keep you laughing)
  2. She dances every start to her show (c’mon you didn’t see Oprah dancing did you)
  3. She has the best segments (Clumsy Thumbsy, Whats Wrong With These Photos, Photos)
  4. She gives her audience prizes every show (very rare that she doesn’t give anything away)
  5. Not only does she give to her audience, but to those in need (she gave away a house so far this season!)
  6. She promotes awesome charities/causes awareness (The Gentle Barn, Stop Bullying)
  7. She has a diversity of guests that come on her show (from Drew Brees to Kristen Bell…speaking of Kristen Bell, check out her Sloth Meltdown hilarious auto-tuned version)
  8. She plays games on her show (and chooses audience members to participate for a prize)
  9. Has an awesome DJ on her show who plays music everyone can enjoy (Tony)
  10. She is a genuinely a good and giving person (who promotes kindness by saying “Be Kind To One Another” after the end of every show)

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