Saying No – New Year’s Resolution

Can you guys believe its already 3 months into the “new year”?! (Okay maybe not quite 3 months yet, but pretty darn close!) Where has the time gone already?! I swear just last week I was making my new years resolution…which brings me to my next question, have you guys been sticking with those new year resolutions, or are they already slipping away?


My new years resolution was a little more “outside the box” this year. Usually my typical new year’s resolution (along with a million other Americans) is to try and go to the gym everyday, but I was sick of setting myself up for failure. It’s just not possible with my schedule…so this year instead of trying to workout everyday (props to those who can accomplish this) I said that I was going to stop being a people pleaser and learn to say no a little more. 


 I know your probably thinking – “thats not a very nice resolution” but in reality, agreeing to everything thrown my way and trying to please everyone is simply impossible, and it was starting to take a toll on me. I was starting to care so much about everyone else’s needs that I was forgetting about my own and I found that it was starting to make me unhappy. Don’t get me wrong I’m still a very caring and generous person and I still do favors for my family and friends, but at some point I had to get back bone and start saying NO – I just can’t do everything.


So far I’ve been able to stick to my resolution (it hasn’t been very easy because that’s just not my typical personality), but the times I have been able to say that two letter word, I have noticed how less stressed out I am…


So now I want to hear what were some of your guy’s new year’s resolutions? Have you been sticking to them, or have you discovered (like I once did with my “going-to-the-gym-everyday” promise) that its just too unrealistic to be accomplished?




Passwords, Passwords, and EVEN MORE Passwords!

This might be one of the most random blog posts in the history of blogging but have any of you guys ever really thought about how many passwords we have to remember day in and day out?! It seems like there is a password for everything these days especially with the way technology has advanced just in the last 10 years. So just to enlighten you all, I brained stormed a list of just a few of the ones that I personally have to remember.


Computer Login (for my home computer, work computer, and laptop)


Work Email


School Email


Personal Email


Phone Passcode (iPhone users you know what I’m talking about)


This Blog


Blackboard (for all of my homework that I forget to do work really diligently on)


Pandora Radio (to tune out all of the keyboard clicking at work)


Facebook, Pinterest


Student ID/Social Security Number (those are like passwords, right?)


Online Banking


Online Shopping (Amazon, Zappos, Victoria’s Secret)


“Captchas” (those annoying blurry phrases, that confirm your not a “bot”)




Apple ID (for apps, music, movies, etc.)


Whew! And these are just a few that my brain is allowing me to think of at the moment, but I’m sure there are plenty more!




To Sleep or To Park…That is the Question

So this morning as I got to school and fought for my parking spot… literally (okay, maybe I didn’t literally get out of my car and fist fight someone for a parking spot) but if you go to Stanislaus you know what I mean. Especially if your too [cheap] like myself to buy a parking permit, you know what kind of battle I’m talking about here; stalking people as they walk to their cars, driving extra slow in case someone decides to leave last minute, you know the usual.


But as I engaged in this battle this morning, it hit me…why don’t I just wake up earlier in order to get the GOOD parking?! And just as that thought came to mind it rapidly left my mind….”ME GET UP ANY EARLIER THAN I ALREADY HAVE TO?!…NO WAY!!”


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I already feel as if I am not getting my recommend amounts of sleep. (I blame my lack of sleep on Facebook and Pinterest) But that’s besides the point, I value my sleep waaay more than I value a good parking spot (even if it is only an extra 30 mins. of zzzzz’s)


Besides, I don’t mind the 7-10 minute walk from my car to work/school –  its almost kind of peaceful and at the same time wakes me up and gets me going (in comparison to a morning coffee that I refuse to start drinking) Not to mention, the exercise I get walking to and from my car all day long!


So to answer my own question – To sleep or to park? I definitely choose sleep! Starting tomorrow after my long, hard, and well desrved victory of finding a spot, I will enjoy my walk from my car to school and enjoy the scenery while I’m at it. After all, Stanislaus does have a beautiful campus, and the ducks/geese that cross my path are pretty entertaining, I’ll just be sure to look down as I walk….if your a student here then you know what I mean 😉

Some of the scenery I enjoy while walking from my car to class