About Me

I am a communication major with a concentration in organizational communication but don’t let that fool you, I too still have a slight fear of public speaking.

I am a “Super-Senior” here at CSU Stanislaus…(currently in my last semester, YIKES!) But when I’m not doing homework, and working for the Admissions and Outreach Department on campus,  I enjoy various activities such as running, shopping, watching the Ellen DeGeneres show, traveling, and taking naps!

I also LOVE animals especially my 3 cats – I know what you’re thinking…”Crazy Cat Lady”, but I can promise you they’re not the stereotypical “lay-around-the-house-and-do-absolutely-nothing” type of cats. They’re the most entertaining and loving creatures I know, and I’m sure you’ll hear me talk about them occasionally.

Well, that’s pretty much me in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs – I will do my best not to completely bore you and share with you the ins and outs of my everyday adventures.

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