The End Has Come

So just as the title of this post says, this is my LAST post as a student blogger, ever! :(

I am officially graduating. Yes, as some of you might remember last semester I walked/participated in the graduation ceremony, but I still had to return back this semester to finish up a couple of remaining units in order to obtain my degree. It definitely felt good to walk across that stage and be honored for all of my hard work and dedication, but after finishing up this semester, something about it just feels more surreal! As of now, I will never be a student ever again. No more tests, readings, studying, homework, nothing. It’s definitely a bitter/sweet feeling!

5 years ago if you would’ve told me that I would become a student blogger, I would’ve laughed and told you “not a chance”. I still remember the first time I got asked to be a student blogger, I was so unsure of the idea and (almost) against it. Lets face it, I was scared to put my student life on blast. However, looking back now, it was probably one of the best decisions I ever made throughout my educational career. I’ve learned so much through blogging. I’ve become a better writer, learned better marketing strategies, and have even discovered an inner creativity in myself that I never knew I had. Blogging has truly become a valuable tool for me, especially as I head into the professional career world!

Speaking of career world, I’m not really sure what’s next. These last few months I have been fully consumed in filling out applications and have even landed a few job interviews. However what I do know is, I’ve enjoyed being a student here at CSU Stanislaus and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my family, instructors, advisors, and fellow classmates.

It’s been a wonderful experience being able to share my life with everyone as a Stan State student for the last two and half years, and I am excited for the next chapter…whatever that may be!

Thanks for reading!!


One thought on “The End Has Come

  1. It must be so surreal. We all work hard to get to where you have gotten, finished with school and getting ready for a job.
    Congratulations! It’s been great reading your blogs and hearing about your adventure. Good luck to you!

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