Motivational Monday


For today’s Motivational Monday, I personally needed this! Such a great reminder of what patience really is. Lately, I have found my patience being tested. Especially with this whole job search! Being that I will no longer be a student here after December, I will no longer get to work as a student assistant and will need to get a “real job”! A real job as in full-time, as in putting my hard earned degree to work! I’ve applied to many places, and have even gotten interviews…however, still no luck. I started to get frustrated and my patience seemed to be running low. With this whole job search, it has taught me to be more patient. Not just “waiting”, but staying positive while I wait for the right job to come into place. This journey has made me even more determined and even more faithful that something WILL come. As for the jobs I haven’t gotten thus far, I know that there is a reason! Everything will eventually work out and my time will come! So until then, I have no choice but to face this job searching journey with patience and with a positive mind :]

Have your patience ever been tested? Were you able to stay positive?

One thought on “Motivational Monday

  1. My patience is tested quite often, because I’m terribly impatient! An optimistic attitude is the best way to go though, so you’re definitely on the right track. You’ll eventually end up in the place you should be, and the job hunt will have totally been worth it!

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